The "eParcel (API)" carrier uses Australia Post's latest service for printing labels and submitting manifests. It will eventually be the default carrier for Australia Post.

It can take AusPost about a day to complete the setup for your eParcel account. While you are waiting for them to complete the setup you could also use our eParcel (Backup) carrier connection if you need to immediately print consignment labels.

NOTE: The process below is applicable for al eParcel, OnDemand and Startrack accounts. Just enter the appropriate account number in Step 3 as shown.

Step 1: If you don’t have one already, set up an eParcel account.

Contact Australia Post to create an account and find out about rates.

Step 2: Create an Australia Post Developer Centre account

Visit the AusPost registration site and register for a new Developer Centre account. You will receive an activation email from Australia Post. Use this to activate your new account and log in.

Step 3: Apply for access to the Shipping and Tracking API

Log in to the Developer Centre with your newly created account, and navigate to the APIs page (

Click on the Register your interest today link at the bottom of the 'Shipping and Tracking' section.

Fill in your eParcel, OnDemand or Startrack account number and email address.

Please ensure all three checkboxes are selected.

Select Yes in the following screen as ReadyToShip is a Platform Partner

AusPost generally take about one business day to link your eParcel/OnDemand account to your newly created AusPost Developer Account. You'll then receive an email from them with a PDF containing your API Key, Secret and Account number (used in Step 4 below).

Step 4: Create your carrier in ReadyToShip

Now that you have all the information you need, log in to ReadyToShip, go to Settings ⇒ Carriers and click Add Carrier. Select eParcel from the list.

Enter your API key, your secret and your eParcel account number, then click Test Connection.

You should receive confirmation that we were able to connect to your account. If there is an error, check the steps above to make sure that you have created and entered the details correctly.

If you received an error after clicking Test Connection, double check the API key and Secret (it is best to copy and paste these, not type them manually) and ensure there is no space at the beginning or end of each field.

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