Sometimes when you are using ReadyToShip you may receive an error.

Order Flags

Some problems can be fixed before you even try to print labels.
We use a coloured flag system to help identify issues with orders that you need to resolve.

Just mouse over the flag to see a suggested fix (see image below)

Label Printing Errors

If you receive an error when printing labels, the error will be from the carrier system (these aren't ReadyToShip errors). most often the error will contain information about how to resolve the problem.

If it doesn't, or the error looks generic, then we recommending attempting to do what you were doing when you received the error a few more times.

If you still get the error after retrying and you can't find information about the specific error in our help system then contact support using the chat widget in the ReadyToShip app.

When contacting ReadyToShip support please advise us of the error message you received, and an order number that you received it on. This will help us diagnose.

To see an error message again, expand an order, click on 'Show system notes' and you can find errors that have been recorded for that order.

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