ReadyToShip applies invoices at the end of each calendar month. 

ReadytoShip innvoices and charges you directly (no charges are processed via channels like Shopify, BigCommerce etc).

If you have supplied a credit card, your card will be charged automatically. if not, you need to either enter a credit card or pay your amount owing via PayPal (see below)

These invoices are available in your Billing section.

To view these, go to Setting > Billing Details in ReadyToShip.

Then click on the Invoices / Payments tab

Then select the month you want to view an invoice for.
Then click 'Details' for the invoice line item, as shown:

This will load an invoice for you to pay against, as shown below :

To pay your account, go to the Payment Settings tab, and use Paypal, or enter a credit card into the secure form.

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