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How do I Get Magento to Send Tracking Number Emails?
How do I Get Magento to Send Tracking Number Emails?
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Magento can automatically email shoppers with a tracking number when an order is marked as "shipped".

Magento needs to be configured for this by enabling a "Transactional Email" template. ReadyToShip also needs to have the option enabled.


Step 1 - Enable the tracking email update from within ReadyToShip

To enable a tracking number email to be automatically sent to Magento customers, you need to enable the option in the Magento Store settings in ReadyToShip.

After you set up a Magento store (go to Settings ⇒ Stores ⇒ Add Store, and choose Magento).

Go to Settings⇒ Stores, and click the 'edit' icon on the Magento Store connection you wish to edit.

Enable the option titled Send tracking email as order update.

Step 2 - Enable 'Shipment Comment' email in Magento

Enable the Transactional Email called Shipment Comment in Magento.

To do this, navigate to System ⇒ Transactional Emails⇒ Add New Template

In the dropdown, select Order Update and click Load Template as shown:

Add a line of code to the body of the email content.

Copy the line of code below:

{{block type='core/template' area='frontend' template='email/order/shipment/track.phtml' shipment=$shipment order=$order}}  

And paste it into the email body as shown here:

Give your template a recognisable name. In this example, we named the template "FFF - Shipment Order Tracking email"

Navigate to System ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Sales Emails

In this section you need to enable the Shipment Comments email. In the dropdown, choose the name of the email template you entered above:

You can add your own email address to the field titled Send Shipment Comment Email Copy To so you can see the resulting email being sent to customers.

After you save these changes create a dummy order with your own email address, mark it as shipped and check the email that is sent.

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