About the MyPost Business connection

Mypost Business is the replacement for Click and Send.

Our BETA integration allows upload of consignments in bulk. Please note that Australia Post is still working on MyPost and adding functionality.

Set up a Connection to MyPost Business

To set up a connection to MyPost Business, from within your ReadyToShip account go to Settings ⇒ Carriers ⇒ Add Carrier and choose MyPost.

Fill out all fields in the form and click Save MyPost Business Carrier

Send Consignments to MyPost Business

Generate a Label File for import into MyPost Business

NOTE MyPost does not accept symbols and characters in order numbers (eg "#1234") so stick to letters and numbers. This is a common problem.

Assign orders to the MyPost carrier. To do this, select orders in your Unshipped Orders tab, click Change Carrier and Choose MyPost Business.

Select the orders to ship and click Ship Selected Orders. This will move the batch of orders into a new tab.

You can then (optionally) print pick lists and invoices if you need them.

To generate a CSV file for importing into MyPost Business, select orders and click Generate CSV. This will generate a CSV file and your browser will prompt you to save it.

Save it to an easy-to-remember location. Please don't open or edit the file as this may cause importing issues.

Import Consignments into MyPost Business

Log into your MyPost Business account.

Click Orders ⇒ Bulk Import.

Click Choose Your File as shown below, select the CSV file of consignments that ReadyToShip generated in the previous step.

This will load all your consignments into MyPost Business.

Print your labels as normal within MyPost Business and complete your packing of orders.

Tracking Numbers

Export tracking numbers from MyPost Business 

At present there is no way to bulk export tracking numbers from MyPost Business.

To update your ReadyToShip dashboard with tracking numbers you would need to copy and paste them individually.

To view the consignment/tracking numbers for each order, click on History to view your shipments.

The consignment number is the Transaction ID. You will need to match orders by clicking View and matching the delivery address.

Update Tracking Numbers to ReadyToShip

Go back to your ReadyToShip window and, in the MyPost tab, expand your orders by clicking the blue arrow for each order.

Copy and paste the Transaction ID into the Tracking # field for each order

Notify your Store and Customers of their tracking information

Select your batch of orders and click Notify Sales Feed.

This connects to your store and uploads the tracking number. It also marks your orders as shipped. If you have configured your store to send an email when orders are marked as shipped, customers will receive notification that their order has been shipped.

You can work on other orders in ReadyToShip until the last progress box in the Click and Send tab has turned green. This indicates that the order has been updated in your store successfully.

Clean up the run

Select completed orders and click Remove Completed. ReadyToShip will archive those orders. You can still find your orders using the Search feature.

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