Fastway rates displayed in ReadyToShip are obtained from the "Fastway Price Service Calculator" specifically for each order using the API key linked to your account. When we request a price quote we provide Fastway with your account credentials, the depot you use, the destination and the weight of the parcel.

By default, the Fastway Price Service Calculator will return Fastway's standard, publicly quoted rates. Your Fastway depot or representative will need to load your custom FastLabel rates into their Price Service Calculator system for these rates to be returned when ReadyToShip makes a price quote request.

How to view your Custom pricing

In order to have your custom Fastway pricing appear you need to contact your depot/local franchise and ask them to apply the custom rates applicable to your FastLabel account to their Price Service Calculator system for your API key.

Check to see if pricing has changed

After this has been confirmed by your depot, you can refresh pricing in ReadyToShip to see your account prices.

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