Every store or marketplace connection in ReadyToShip can have it's own logo.

So when you print up an invoice from our shipping process, each order can have a correct logo showing even if you have orders from multiple stores in the same batch.

View the instructions below, or watch this quick video on how to do it.

If you don't know how to get the URL of your logo, you may need to ask a developer of a friend for help.

In the case of most shopify themes, you can open your website up, right click on the logo and select "Copy Image Link"

This will add the URL to you image in your clipboard.
The URL should look something like


Step 2 - Add the logo URL to your Store Settings

Then, go to Settings > Stores > Edit Store

And paste the Logo URL into the Logo URL field as shown

Then you can print an order invoice again to check the output.

If the logo is too large, you may need to create a smaller version and upload it to your webstore. And then change the URL to use the smaller version.

For example, to upload other files to Shopify, go here:

There are some handy free tools to resize images. Here is a link to some:

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