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AusPost eParcel (Backup): Connecting to the carrier
AusPost eParcel (Backup): Connecting to the carrier

Create a backup connection to your AusPost eParcel account.

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This is an older version of our AusPost eParcel integration and is only intended as a backup to our primary eParcel integration. It can be used if there is an issue with the AusPost Shipping & Tracking API preventing the generation of labels or while you are waiting for AusPost to complete the setup of your primary connection.

This integration uses AusPost's eParcel portal for printing labels and submitting manifests. Our primary eParcel connection allows all label and manifest functions to be completed within ReadyToShip rather than having to log in to the eParcel portal.

Step 1: If you don't have an eParcel account, you can contact Australia Post here.

Once you have an eParcel account, all you need is the username and password for ReadyToShip to connect.

Step 2: Add the carrier in ReadyToShip

Navigate to the Settings page in ReadyToShip, and click Carriers.

This will take you to the Carriers page, where you can click Add Carrier.

Click on eParcel.

Enter your eParcel username and password, and click Test Connection.

It might take 30-60 seconds for us to retrieve your eParcel configuration details. You will then be asked to give your eParcel connection a name:

Click Save eParcel Carrier and you will be taken to the settings page.

You should check each setting and ensure you have completed the setup to your liking. Use the help icons next to each field for more information.

Click Save at the bottom of your screen and you are ready to go.

After this, you should also complete the Carrier Mapping in ReadyToShip which ensures all orders that are imported are assigned to a carrier service automatically.

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