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Printing eParcel Shipping Labels
Printing eParcel Shipping Labels

How to print eParcel labels and manifest in ReadyToShip

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You will need to connect your eParcel account to ReadyToShip. See these instructions.

Video Walkthrough

Step By Step Instructions

  • Assign orders in your Unshipped Orders tab to eParcel.
    To learn more about assigning orders to carriers see this article.

  • If you can't see rates, click Available Rates.

  • Select the orders you want to process and click Ship Selected Orders.

This will move the orders into a "Shipping Run" - a batch of orders in their own tab ready for processing.

The buttons at the top of the list represent the processing steps, some of which are optional for example Pick Lists. The required steps are Print Labels, Manifest and Update Store.

Select some orders and click Print Labels. This will open a new browser tab with a PDF for you to print.

You can choose A4 labels (4 to a page) or A6 labels in the eParcel carrier printer settings here.

After each step, Completed Steps will highlight your progress.


Once the labels are printed and you have finished packing, select the orders and click Manifest to generate a PDF. Print two copies, keep one copy and give the other to the driver who picks up your orders.

ReadyToShip does not automatically request a pickup. You have to arrange daily pickups with your account manager or call Auspost for an ad hoc pickup.

Update Store

Select the manifested orders and click Update Store. This will send the tracking numbers to your web store or marketplace account and mark the orders as fulfilled.

Once the Update Store step has turned green, click the Remove Completed button to archive the completed orders and remove them from the list.

We keep your order history so you can still search for older orders using Search in the top menu.

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