Magento 2 MSI Multi-Source Inventory functionality

Magento2 users can define from which warehouse are they fulfilling a specific order.

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This feature allows Magento 2 users to define from which warehouse are they fulfilling a specific order. You can specify warehouses in the Magento 2 Store integration in ReadytoShip, set a default warehouse for fulfilment and change per order.

Step 1 - Create a Warehouse List

To use multi-source inventory fulfilment options in ReadyToShip, you will have to add the warehouses in ReadytoShip (from 'sources' in your Magento 2 Store admin area.)

The path to open the configuration page in the Magento 2 Admin panel is Stores⇒ Sources⇒ Add Carrier

The 'Code' and 'Name' from this list are used to create your warehouse list in ReadyToShip

Step 2 - Setting warehouse options in ReadyToShip

To enter the settings in ReadyToShip, navigate to Settings⇒ Stores⇒ Magento 2 Settings. Enter the warehouse Code and Names as they appear in Magento. You can also enter the name of a default warehouse that will be used.

The format is code:name;code2:name2;code3:name3 etc

The MSI Default Warehouse is the 'Code' of the default warehouse you wish to send fufilments to.

Step 3 - Applying warehouse to orders manually

To assign a different warehouse manually to an order for fulfilment, click to view the order details as normal and click Edit More Options. In this config box, choose the Warehouse to use for fulfilment for this order.

Then initiate the 'Update Store' as normal.

For any other questions please reach out via live chat.

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