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How to Whitelist our IP addresses in Cloudflare
How to Whitelist our IP addresses in Cloudflare

Cloudflare can sometimes block our servers from accessing and updating orders. This is how to white list IP addresses in there

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If you are a Cloudflare customer, then you might need to whitelist our IP addresses in the Cloudflare interface.

To do that,

How to Whitelisting IP addresses from Cloudflare account

  1. First, log in to the Cloudflare account.

  2. Then, choose the Firewall icon and click the Tools tab.

  3. Next, add the ReadytoShip IP addresses separated by a comma to be whitelisted below the IP Access Rules with these steps:

    • First, enter the IP address

    • Then, select Whitelist

    • Next, select the website to which we want to apply these whitelisting rules to

  4. After that, click Add.

For more detailed information, see Cloudflares own documentation on IP address restrictions/whitelisting here

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