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How to connect to Aramex / MyFastway (Australia)
How to connect to Aramex / MyFastway (Australia)

How to get your Fastway API key from your MyFastway account to enable Fastway label printing.

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You must have an existing MyFastway account to use ReadyToShip with Fastway. If you need to create a MyFastway account please click here and follow the instructions.

Once you have a MyFastway account set up and enabled, log in to your MyFastway Account and follow these steps to get your API key.

Step 1

Click on Administration in the top menu, then API Keys

Step 2

Click on Create Key.
In the form provided, enter a Description for your Key.

NOTE: You MUST click Save on this form before entering the details into ReadyToShip!

Step 3

To enter these details in ReadytoShip, log in to your account, go to
​Settings > Carriers > Add Carrier > MyFastway

Step 4

Click Test Connection and you should be given a final setup screen where you can give this Carrier connection a name, and select what extra information you wish to be printed on each label.

More Carrier settings can adjusted in Settings > Carriers

Step 5

Click 'Save MyFastway Carrier' and you will now see MyFastway rates in your Dashboard and will be able to print MyFastway labels.

After connection, if you need to edit your Carrier Settings in ReadyToShip you can go to Settings > Carriers > MyFastWay. In there you can set different label options and more.

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