NOTE: These instructions are for the connecting a legacy (older style) Fastlabel Fastway account to ReadyToShip. If you are not yet using FastLabel, please contact your local Fastway depot before following these steps.

Most customers from 2019 onwards will have a MyFastway account.
To connect MyFastway, click here.

Step 1

Visit Get Your API Key and fill in your details to retrieve your API key.

Step 2

Contact with the following details and request that they link your Fastway FastLabel account to the API key:

  • Your company name

  • Your FastLabel login (this is usually your email address)

  • Your API key

and mention that you are a ReadyToShip customer. Once you receive their response you will be able to continue with the next step.

Step 3

Go to Settings ⇒ Carriers⇒ Add Carrier, then select Fastway.

Step 4

Enter your FastLabel account number and API key

Once these steps are completed we can start sending consignments to Fastway.

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