ReadytoShip can import Dimensions for your Shopify products/variants as well as warehouse/bin locations, if they are stored in Product Tags.

How to add Product Tags

To add a product tag, view the Product or Variant in Shopify.

In the 'tags' section, add a new tag and enter data in the correct format we require. Once you have added tags they will look like this:

How to format your data

Your tags need to be in the following formats:


The tag should be in this format: "Dimensions:11x22x33" where the numbers

correspond with your item dimensions in cm.

eg, Dimensions:10x5x2

Bin Location

the tag should be in the format: "Location:XXXXXXXX" where XXXXXXX is your bin location. This can be any text you like.

eg, Location:AA-23-C-3-1

After you have added product tags in this format, any orders placed with these items after you make these changes will have this data imported.

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