Configuring the new MyPost API Integration

Guide to the settings used for MyPost API

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MyPost Settings Configuration

Many of these options are self explanatory and standard practice for carriers, with MyPost specific notes detailed below.

Payment Settings

We have three options, Credit Card, Charge Account and Paypal. Typically you can pay and print with various options within MyPost. If you have a linked credit card in your MyPost you will be able to select the automatic payment here, paying and printing within our app. You can select Charge to Account which is also automatic as above.

If you pay by paypal, you will have to select the manual option. Using Manual/Paypal will mean when at the Pay And Print step, you will have to perform this within your MyPost Business account portal.

Note: We recommend paying for labels in groups, as many multiple small transactions may be flagged by your credit card provider.

Order Extra Options

As default MyPost will have Signature on Delivery off, this is to avoid the $2.95 per order fee. It can still be set and changed per order.

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