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DHL eCommerce: print labels and generate manifests
DHL eCommerce: print labels and generate manifests

How to apply international options, print labels, do "closeouts" (generate manifests)

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Once you have set up the connection to DHL eCommerce you won't need to log into your DHL console; all the shipping functions can be done from within ReadyToShip.

Step 1 : Assigning orders

You can assign orders to DHL eCommerce either by:

  • Selecting orders in Unshipped Orders and assigning them with the Change Carrier button.

  • Having ReadyToShip do it automatically with Carrier Mapping.

Make sure you have selected the appropriate "service" on your order (eg, Packet, Packet Plus...) so you get billed correctly by DHL eCommerce. You can set this in
Carrier Mapping so a default gets applied to all orders.

Step 2: Choosing orders to ship

Select orders in Unshipped Orders and click Ship Selected Orders

Orders will be separated into a tab for each assigned carrier - a "shipping run". You should see a new tab dedicated to the DHL eCommerce orders.

Step 3: Update any required information

International orders have extra options that need to be set:

  • Tariff code

  • Goods Description

  • Country of Origin

You only need to do this once for each SKU - ReadyToShip will remember this for the next time it sees the same SKU.

A default Goods Description can be set in Settings ⇒ Stores. Editing the Goods Description for a specific SKU will override the default.

Expand the order, and near the item title, click on the "world" icon like this:

Edit the details:

Step 4: Picking and packing your orders

There are a series of buttons at the top of the screen.

Optional steps

  • SKU Summary
    Prints a summary sheet of all SKUs in the batch that need to be picked.

  • Print Pick List
    Prints pick lists for each order.

  • Print Invoices
     Prints a customisable invoice for each order.

Required steps

  • Print Labels
    Generates a PDF with the labels for your package. You can also have the labels sent directly to the printer with DirectPrint.

Your browser must be configured to allow popup windows/tabs so that the PDF label file can be opened in a new tab. If the PDF file does not open when you complete this step it is likely that popups are blocked. Google "how to unblock popups" and include your browser name (ie Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc). Simple instructions should appear at the top of the search results.

Reprinting a label

If you need to make a change to an order and reprint a label:

  • Edit the order.

  • Select it.

  • Click Print Labels.

You will be asked to Update or Reprint

If you just need a replacement label and haven't made any changes to the consignment data just select Reprint

If you have made changes to the consignment data such as the address, product weights / dimensions etc click Update and the changes will be applied to a new label.

Step 5: Manifesting (DHL calls this a "closeout")

Manifest will close the batch of orders and submit all order information to DHL. 

Manifest should only be clicked when you have finished printing labels and packing. Labels cannot be modified or removed after the manifest step has been completed.

Step 6: Updating Tracking Numbers and Finishing Up

The final steps are:

  • Update Store
    Uploads tracking data to your store and marks orders as fulfilled.

  • Remove Completed
    Removes completed orders from the tab and archives them. The tab will be removed when the last order is marked as Completed.

You can search for archived orders using the Search menu at the top of page.

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