Step 1: Set up an account with DHL

You will need an account with DHL before you can ship parcels. If you don't already have one, go here to set one up.

Step 2: Get your details from DHL

Go to Settings ⇒ Carriers ⇒ Add Carrier and choose DHL eCommerce.


  • Your existing DHL eCommerce Account number (Don't have an account yet? go here)

  • Your Company name registered with DHL

  • Your Contact Name

  • Pickup Address for parcels

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Contact Email Address

Click Submit Details and your DHL account information will be forwarded to DHL for processing.

WIthin 1-2 business days a DHL representative should contact you to confirm account access for ReadyToShip. ReadyToShip will then set up the connection for you and advise you when it is complete.

Then you will be able to use DHL eCommerce as a carrier. See the article on Carrier Mapping to find out how to assign incoming orders to this carrier automatically.  

To learn how to use the DHL eCommerce integration in ReadyToShip, click here for our instructions.

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