You must have an existing FastLabel account to use ReadyToShip with Fastway. If you are not yet using FastLabel, please contact your local Fastway depot before following these steps.

Step 1

Visit Get Your API Key and fill in your details to retrieve your API key.

Step 2

Contact with the following details and request that they link your Fastway FastLabel account to the API key:

  • Your company name
  • Your FastLabel login (this is usually your email address)
  • Your API key

and mention that you are a ReadyToShip customer. Once you receive their response you will be able to continue with the next step.

Step 3

Go to Settings ⇒ Carriers⇒ Add Carrier, then select Fastway.

Step 4

Enter your FastLabel account number and API key

Once these steps are completed we can start sending consignments to Fastway.

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