Printing eParcel Shipping labels in ReadyToShip is fast and easy.

(If you haven't connected to your eParcel account to ReadyToShip yet, see these instructions.)

Either view a video walkthrough, or follow our instructions further down.

Video Walkthrough

Step By Step Instructions

To begin with, assign orders in your UnShipped Orders tab to eParcel.
To learn more about assigning carriers to orders, and Carrier Mapping, click here

In the image below you can see orders that we have assigned to eParcel. If you can't see rates, click 'Available Rates' and they should be shown.

Then, select the orders that you want to process, and click 'Ship Selected Orders'

This will move the orders into what ReadyToShip calls a 'Shipping Run', which is a batch of orders in their own tab, ready for label printing.

There are a number of optional steps you can complete, as shown below, but the required steps are 'Print Labels', 'Manifest' and 'Update Store'.

To Print Labels, simply select orders and click 'Print Labels'. After a few seconds this will open a new browser tab with a labels PDF for you to print.

You can choose between A4 labels (4 to a page) or A6 labels in the eParcel carrier printer settings here

After each step, the 'Completed Steps' will highlight your progress, so you can see where every order in the tab is up to.

After printing labels and finishing your packing, selecting orders and clicking 'Manifest' will produce a PDF manifest for you to print out, with one copy for you and another for the driver that picks up your orders.

NOTE: ReadyToShip does not automatically request a pickup. Your existing pickup arrangements (auto, or call) remain in place.

After manifesting, you can select orders and click 'Update Store'. This will update tracking numbers back to your webstore or marketplace account and set orders as fulfilled.

Once this 'Update Store' step has turned green, simply click the 'Remove Completed' button to archive the orders.

And don't forget we keep your order history, so you can still search for older orders using the 'Search' feature in the top menu.

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