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How to Print eParcel Return labels
How to Print eParcel Return labels
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ReadyToShip now has the ability to generate eParcel return labels when you are printing eParcel shipping labels.

This feature can be enabled in your eParcel Carrier settings page.

Go to Settings > Carriers, then edit the eParcel carrer settings:

There are currently 2 options:

Generate Return Label can be Yes or No

Default Return Label Type can be Standard or Express

How it works in operation:

When return labels are enabled, they are generated at the same time you print eParcel labels within the app.

They will use the Sender/Return address in your Store settings.

Note : Currently we do not have a feature to generate a single Return label for an order that has already been archived/sent in our system. We are looking to add this feature though.

When Return Labels are enabled, they will be grouped together in the PDF after normal Shipping Labels. We are unable to alternate labels in the PDF like Label, Return, Label, Return etc,

You can also select Return labels for each individual order, before label printing, by editing the order options:

For a video with explanation, please see here:

For any more questions, please use our Live Chat.

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