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Calculating Optimal Packing Size
Calculating Optimal Packing Size

ReadyToShip's packaging tools will calculate the optimal packing size for any parcel

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PLEASE NOTE: If your carrier does not require parcel dimensions to be submitted when creating consignments any dimensions displayed on your account will be ignored.ย 

Throughout our help articles about packages and package dimensions you will see us mention the "optimal packing size" of a parcel. This refers to ReadyToShip's calculation of the approximate size a parcel would need to be to contain every item in an order, based on the dimensions provided for each item.

This calculation will be used to determine which of your predefined package sizes, if any, your order will fit into or, if you have the method "Use Item Dimensions" specified on your Packages Settings page, the "Estimated Package Size" of the parcel.
The more items you have in an order, and the more varied the dimensions of the items in the order are, the harder it will be to actually package your order in a parcel the size calculated as the "optimal packing size". It is similar to unpacking an item you've just purchased and then trying to pack it back into its original packaging. It never quite fits.

Consequently, you should use the calculated "optimal packing size" as a guide only, particularly if your items are unusual shapes and sizes. For example, it would be easy to pack two items that measure 10 x 10 x 10 each in to a box that is 20 x 10 x 10. It gets a lot harder when there are 10 items with a range of varying dimensions. If there is a large variance to the estimated package size quoted in ReadyToShip you should edit the dimensions of the order so that they are correctly declared to your carrier.

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