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Overview of Packages, Weights & Dimensions
Overview of Packages, Weights & Dimensions

Managing package weights and dimensions

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PLEASE NOTE: If your carrier does not require parcel dimensions to be submitted when creating consignments any dimensions displayed on your account will be ignored.

Declaring weights and dimensions for your parcels can be a major headache. Due to the pricing methods used by most carriers this often can’t be avoided although it can be made a lot easier.

ReadyToShip's packaging features have been developed based on the feedback of hundreds of users. They've been designed to work with businesses of all sizes, regardless of whether you ship one order a day or a thousand; do all the picking and packing yourself or have your own warehouse team.

Key packaging features include:

  • Predefine standard package sizes to use with your orders

  • Automatically select the best predefined package to use based on the dimensions of the items in the order

  • Define a default package size to use for your orders

  • Automatically estimate the optimum package size for an order no matter how many items are included

  • Split an order in to multiple packages and define the dimensions and weight for each package

  • Automatically include the package material weight for any of your predefined packages

Package weights and dimensions of an order will be visible in all order grids as shown below:

and can also be viewed when you expand an order:

Wherever weights and dimensions are displayed clicking on the weight, dimensions or the adjacent pencil icon will allow you to edit the package details. Editing package details will automatically update any quoted rates provided by your connected carriers.

The following help articles further explain each aspect of the packaging features:

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