PLEASE NOTE: If your carrier does not require parcel dimensions to be submitted when creating consignments any dimensions displayed on your account will be ignored. 

Some carriers support the ability of shipping a consignment as more than one package. For example, if you were a wine seller and a customer purchased two dozen bottles of wine you probably have them packaged in boxes of one dozen. Instead of sending two separate consignments you can send them as one consignment but with two packages. This will normally be cheaper than sending them as two separate consignments.

To create multiple packages for an order simply click the '+' link in the packages section to create a second package 

You can then click Select to choose a package type to add

You'll probably also need to edit the existing package details so that your weights and dimensions for each package are correct. See our article "Editing Order Weights and Dimensions" for more information.

Any changes you make to the packages of an order will automatically request a new rate quote from your connected carriers. If a carrier does not support shipping orders as multiple packages no rate quote will be displayed.

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