Connecting to and configuring Winedirect

How to connect and configure to a WineDirect eCommerce account integration.

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ReadyToShip can be used to process orders and update tracking data to Winedirect ecommerce accounts.  

Step 1

To start the process of adding a WineDirect account to ReadytoShip, log in to your ReadyToShip account (or Start a free trial), then go to 

Settings > Stores > Add Store, and select WineDirect

Step 2

Log in to your Winedirect account, and from the top menu, click
Settings > Users > Webservice Accounts 

Step 3

Then Click 'Add a Webservice Account'

Step 4

Fill out the form details, and choose a descriptive user name and set a secure password.

IMPORTANT : for your username, please use a descriptive name like "yourbusinessname-api"

Choose 'ReadyToShip' as the Vendor, select "Is Active", then click Save.

Step 5

After clicking Save, you will be shown a summary page.

Ensure the details look correct and the 'Is Active' option is set to Yes

Step 6

Enter the Username and the Password in ReadyToShip to connect your WineDirect eCommerce account

Click Connect and you will be shown a settings screen.

Step 7

Configure settings for your connection, including a name to give your store connection, the weights that you use in WineDirect and a Return address.

eg. If you store weights in WineDirect in lb, then choose 'lb' in the setup page and ReadyToShip will convert the weights to kg.

Important: WineDirect has support for different order and Payment statuses.
By default, ReadyToShip will import ALL orders (including POS etc) unless you exclude them.

Please edit the WineDirect settings where you can restrict import of certain Order Types (eg POS etc) and Shipping Status (eg, No Shipping Required).

Also set a default Country.

Then click Save WineDirect Store.

Then you are done!

For information on how to process orders, look in our help section where we have lots of useful articles and videos.

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