Connecting to stores: PrestaShop (legacy)

Link ReadyToShip to your PrestaShop store so that orders can be retrieved.

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*Note* This connection is a legacy connection and is no longer maintained. As of updating this document (February 2024) the connection still works, but if Prestashop makes upgrades this may prevent it from working in the future.

You can add any number of PrestaShop stores to your ReadyToShip account.

Login to your PrestaShop Back Office and go to Advanced Parameters ⇒ Webservice

Click the Add new service key button

Click the Generate button to generate a new key. Click the top check box in the View (GET), Modify (PUT) and Add (POST) as highlighted in the image below..

In the Configuration section click Yes to Enable Prestashop's Webservice

Keep the Prestashop window open as you will need to copy the key that was generated.

Return to ReadyToShip. Go to Settings ⇒ Stores ⇒ Add Stores and select Prestashop.

Enter the address of your Prestashop store in the Store URL field. This is the address that customers would use to access your store.

In the API Key field enter the key that was generated previously.

Click Test Connection and we will attempt to connect to your store. If an error occurs try fixing the error based on the message provided. The most common errors are not entering the API Key exactly the same as they were created, or entering an invalid address for the Prestashop store.

If you are unable to resolve the error contact us.

Provide a descriptive name for the store in the Store Description field. This is how we will refer to this store connection in other areas of ReadyToShip.
Ensure that the Shipped Status is set to the correct value (by default this should be Shipped). ReadyToShip will set the status of your orders to this value when an order is shipped.

Enter a return address for the store. Each store can have a different return address which is useful if you are operating under multiple business names or if you have multiple distribution centres.

You must fill out a valid Return Addressmost carriers won’t work properly without one.

Click Save PrestaShop Store and ReadyToShip will start importing orders right away. This step can take several minutes to complete depending on how many orders are in your store.

When the import finishes you have completed adding your Prestashop store.

You may also have to complete the Carrier Mapping step. For more information, see our guide on Carrier Mapping.


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