Connecting to the Catch Marketplace

How to get a Catch API key and connect Catch to ReadyToShip

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ReadyToShip can connect to Catch to import orders and fulfil them with tracking data.
To do this, you will need to create an API Key from your Catch account and use it to connect in ReadyToShip setup. These instructions show you how to do that.

View the video to see the steps involved, or keep scrolling if you prefer text instructions!

Step 1

Start the connection process, by logging in to ReadyToShip (
and go to
Settings > Stores > Add Store > Catch

Step 2

Log in to your Catch Marketplace account

Click on your login user in the top right of the menu, as shown:

Step 3

Then select 'API Key' in the menu

If you don't have a API Key appearing, generate a new key using the green button.
Otherwise if you do have a key already, Copy it to the clipboard using the button shown:

Step 4

Enter these details into ReadyToShip to complete the connection.

Enter your API key in the field shown. Ensure there are no proceeding or trailing spaces etc.

Step 5

Complete your Catch setup.

Note that ReadyToShip can auto accept orders. Please set your preferred setting before continuing (this can be adjust in Store Settings after connection)

Click Test Connection then complete your Return Address details. Ensure they are valid!

After saving your store, ReadyToShip will import recent Catch orders.
You can then complete Carrier Mapping for your orders and start shipping.

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