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I get an error when I try to authenticate to my online store...
I get an error when I try to authenticate to my online store...
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We need to be authorised to connect to your store to ask for details of the unshipped orders so you need to tell us the correct authentication details for your store. This is usually an authentication code, a token or a user name and password. 

If any of these details are wrong you will get a "Authentication Failed" message when you look at the store settings under Settings ⇒ Stores. See the help section of your particular store for the details.

If your authentication was working previously but has stopped there are a few things you can check:

  • You changed something...This sometimes happens if your store has been offline, you changed a password, or you have upgraded your security. Correct the ReadyToShip settings for your store and click "Re-authenticate".

  • We gave up trying...
    If the connection to your store failed for some reason we will keep trying to connect for a while. If it continues to fail we will stop trying and the store will say "Authentication Failed". If you had a problem and you fixed it, you can just click "Re-authenticate" and we will try again.
    Your eBay token has expired...
    If you are using an eBay store the token will expire after 12 months. Just click "Re-authenticate" if you think this might have happened.

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