Step 1: Set up an account with DHL Express

You will need an account with DHL before you can ship parcels. If you don't already have one, go here to set one up.

Step 2: Get your details from DHL

Go to Settings ⇒ Carriers ⇒ Add Carrier and choose DHL Express.


  • Your existing DHL eCommerce Account number (Don't have an account yet? go here)

  • DHL API Username

  • DHL API Password

After entering your details, click Test Connection.

If this is successful, you will be shown a screen to set some default settings.

You can give your Carrier connection any name you like, then fill in:

  • Drop off Type
    Choose "Regular Pickup" if you already have a scheduled regular pickup (our system won't send a pickup request if you select this option) or
    If you want our system to send a pickup request, choose the "Request Courier" option.

  • Inco Term
    "Duties Consignee Paid (DDU)" means the customer will get charged for any applicable import duties and taxes in their country.
    "Duties Shipper Paid (DDP)" means you will be charged any aplicable duties and fees

  • Default Country of Origin
    Set this to the most common Country of Origin of your goods (this is just the default setting applied to orders, andyou can change indidividual items/orders later)

  • Default Goods Classification
    For most sellers, this will be "Sales of Goods"
    A description should be a concise accurate description of your products. This is a default settings, and can be changed per product for each order before shipping.

    This is your EORI ID if you are registered with the UK's low value import scheme.

Then click "Save DHL Express Connection" and DHL Express will then be available in your account.

Things to remember:

  • You can always edit default settings for teh carrier, by going to
    Settings ⇒ Carriers ⇒ DHL Express ⇒ Settings

  • DHL prevents 3rd party platforms from allowing their rates to be compared, so not rates for DHL will show in ReadyToShip.

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