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Team Global Express (formerly Toll Priority) - How to connect
Team Global Express (formerly Toll Priority) - How to connect

How to connect to Toll and set default settings.

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Note, Toll recently changed to Team Global Express (TGE).

Connecting your Team Global Express account to ReadytoShip is easy.

Currently we support Team Global Express Priority services only (not IPEC), including 1/3/5kg satchels and Parcels.

Step 1 - Request Connection information from Team Global Express

To connect ReadytoShip to the Team Global Express API using your account, you will need to contact them to request connection.

Step 2 - Add carrier connection information

First, go to Settings β‡’ Carriers β‡’ Add Carrier and choose Toll Priority.

Then enter your default settings to be applied to each order
(note: these can be changed per order before shipping)

  • Carrier Description
    This is the name you wish to give to this carrier connection

  • Toll Account Number
    This is your Team Global Express (Formerly Toll) account number

  • Connote Range Prefix
    This is a Consignment Note number range prefix that Toll will provide you to use with ReadyToShip

  • Contains Dangerous Goods
    Most users will set this to No unless they regularly ship items with lithium batteries or other DG classified items.

  • Signature on Delivery
    Set to your preferred default

  • Type of Address
    Toll needs to specify with each label whether the destination is a residential or business address. Set to the most common address type you deliver to.

  • Description of Shipment Contents
    Should be a concise, accurate description of items. This can be set an an item level in your order before shipping.

Then click "Save Team Global Express Carrier"

This will enable the carrier, and you can then complete/update Carrier Mapping (instructions are provided on the Carrier Mapping page, or click here).

For any other questions, please check our other Help files or use Live Chat to contact us.

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