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Setting transit cover/insurance options for your consignments
Setting transit cover/insurance options for your consignments

As a default Carrier setting, single order, or for orders over a certain amount.

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Some carriers allow you to set an insurance option on consignments.

NOTE: The cover provided will vary with each carrier so check your agreement.

Update Carrier Settings

To update your Carrier default transit cover/insurance settings go to Settings โ‡’ Carriers in ReadyToShip and click on the carrier.
If they offer insurance there will be options like this:

Update Cover for a Single Order

Some carriers will allow you to override these defaults on a particular order. If this option is available a check box will appear in the Order Options: area when you click on an order and view the details.ย 

Update Cover for Orders over a certain value

You can also set up insurance to be used only on orders over a certain value, an example of insuring orders over $100 can be seen below.

Video - How to change insurance settings in ReadyToShip.


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