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Which printers are compatible with ReadyToShip?
Which printers are compatible with ReadyToShip?

Find out if your printers are compatible

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The short answer is nearly all printers are compatible with ReadyToShip.

Whether you are printing a label, manifest, invoice or pick slip, ReadyToShip generates a PDF document which can be sent to any printer you have connected.

Will ReadyToShip work with Inkjet printers? 

We usually recommend a laser or thermal printer for printing shipping labels as these   ensure a crisp barcode is printed. Poor quality barcodes can be hard or impossible to scan and inkjet printers sometimes don't print sharply enough.

More than one printer can be used, so you can send labels to a thermal or laser printer and send pick lists and invoices to an inkjet.

Which thermal printers does ReadyToShip support?

ReadyToShip will support any thermal printer that can print a PDF document. 

Some common thermal printers for shipping labels are:

  • Dymo 4XL 

  • Zebra printers. Popular models are the GC420d and GK420d.

  • Bixolon.

  • Brother.

You can buy some of the more popular models direct from us here.

Can I print A6 (4"x6") labels with ReadyToShip?

Yes, most of our carriers support A6 labels and these are the most common size for thermal printers. Label formats can be changed in the Printer Settings for most carriers.

Printing direct to the printer

It can be annoying to deal with the printer dialog that pops up each time you print.

You can print pick lists, invoices and labels straight to a printer using our DirectPrint app.

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