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What hardware and software do I need to run ReadyToShip?
What hardware and software do I need to run ReadyToShip?

General requirements and a few hints

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ReadyToShip is a "Software As A Service". You don't need to install anything if you have a modern web browser and an internet connection. 

Because ReadyToShip runs in a browser it can be used from any operating system including Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Web Browsers

We support the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
We do not recommend Safari at the current time.


While not essential, you can install the ReadyToShip DirectPrint client to streamline printing from the browser. Labels, invoices, pick lists and manifests will go directly to the printer without popping up a printer dialog.


If your web browser is running and you are able to access the site: congratulations - you met the basic hardware requirements.


If you are printing more than a few labels a day it is worth getting a label printer that can generate sticky address labels for your consignments.

We can print to anything your computer can. 

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