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Why aren't labels printing the right size on my Dymo 5XL/4XL in Windows?
Why aren't labels printing the right size on my Dymo 5XL/4XL in Windows?

Setting Dymo 4XL printing preferences for shipping labels in Windows

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Labels for carriers like eParcel, Couriers Please, Fastway, Sendle, DHL are printed on  4x6" thermal labels so the printer needs to be set up correctly for these labels. 

There can be a number of reasons for this, but 99% of the time it will be due to default printer settings like

  • correct paper size

  • margins

  • padding

Here's how to set up a Dymo 5XL/4XL in Windows 10. Other versions of Windows will have similar steps.

Before checking the default settings we highly recommend installing the most recent versions of Dymo software/drivers (as this will add extra paper sizes, such as "4 x 6" which are used for shipping labels.

Then restart your computer.

Then, when following steps below to set printer paper size, Note there are TWO places in the printer settings to set default paper size. Ensure you find both options and change them!

Step 1

Click on the Start Menu in Windows. Click the Settings gear to open the settings panel.

Step 2

Click on Devices and click Printers and Scanners in the left menu.

Step 3

Select the Dymo 4XL. If you can't see the Dymo 4XL, make sure it has been installed properly, or reboot your computer.

Step 4

Click Manage.

Step 5

Click Printer Preferences.

Step 6

Click the Advanced button in the lower right corner.

This opens a dialog with the DYMO 4XL default settings.

Step 7

Choose the "4 in x 6 in" label from the Paper Size list.

Step 8

Click Save and try printing again. 

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