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Video - How to fix address errors, and edit addresses
Video - How to fix address errors, and edit addresses
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Customers often provide incorrect address information and ReadyToShip will identify postcodes and suburbs that don't match and add them to a red Address Error tab.

ReadyToShip uses the Australia Post database to validate Suburb(City) and Postcode. To verify a correct match, always check the Auspost website here:

Two common errors are:

  1. Suburb is missing or incorrect

  2. State is missing or incorrect

  3. Postcode does not match the Suburb

To fix address errors, click on the underlined address and either type the correct information or choose from the suggested list. Save the order address again. ReadyToShip will validate the address, if correct it will disappear from the Address Error tab.

This video provides two examples.

In the first example the state is missing. We know Coburg is in Victoria and this can be added to the State field, click save and ReadyToShip will then try and re-validate the address.

In the second example, the customer has entered a city and a postcode, one of which is wrong. In this case it looks like it is 6107 instead of 6701 so we click on this first option, fix the address and save the order address again.

NOTE: If you fix / change the address in your store, you will still need to fix / change in ReadyToShip.

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