Printing issues (using DirectPrint)

How to troubleshoot label printing issues when you are using Directprint.

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Installing on a Mac: Can’t open the DirectPrint Client

If you double click on the ReadyToShipDirectPrint application for the first time you may get the message:

“ReadyToShipDirectPrint” can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.  

To get around this, right click on the icon and choose Open. The message should not appear again.

DirectPrint Client: Can’t Access Your Account?

The DirectPrint client uses the same email and password you use to log in to ReadyToShip.

If you can log in to ReadyToShip, you should be able to log in without any problems to the DirectPrint client. If you are sure you are entering your ReadyToShip credentials but you are still having problems, contact support.

Printing: Nothing is coming out on the printer

Make sure the computer with DirectPrint installed is turned on and can print. You can run ReadyToShip from any web browser but DirectPrint is installed on a specific computer. Make sure the computer with DirectPrint is switched on and connected to the Internet.

Look for the DirectPrint icon in your menu bar (Mac) or the task bar (PC).If it looks like this:

then DirectPrint is installed correctly. Printers on this computer can be used to print from ReadyToShip. If it looks like this:

then DirectPrint is installed but you need to click on the icon and sign in with your ReadyToShip user name and password so that DirectPrint has permission to send your printer details.

Printer margins look wrong, font is too small or label doesn't fit on paper

Most likely your printer settings need adjustment. Check your printer driver settings in Control Panel (Windows) or System Preferences (Mac).

Directprint sends a PDF image to your printer, so you should try to ensure that no margins or padding are set in the printer, and that the correct paper size and orientation is selected.

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