You can add any number of Bigcommerce stores to your ReadyToShip account.

Go to BigCommerce and visit the app page for ReadyToShip. Click Get it now. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to do so.

Click Install and a ReadyToShip window will open within Bigcommerce.

You need to confirm that ReadyToShip has access to certain parts of your Bigcommerce store. These permissions are necessary to import your orders into ReadyToShip and to update orders once they are shipped.

You will now be redirected to ReadyToShip where you may be prompted to log in to your account or register with ReadyToShip. 

Once you have logged in or registered, your Bigcommerce store is automatically added to ReadyToShip and your orders will start importing. The Import Status screen shows the progress of the import.

By default, orders from the last seven days will be imported. If you need older orders please contact us and we will import them for you.

You may also have to complete the Carrier Mapping step. For more information, view our guide on Carrier Mapping.

Note: We recommending using ReadyToShip by logging in to directly (in a separate browser window), rather than from within BigCommerce.

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