Printing invoices and pick lists (optional)
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You can select items in a shipping run and print pick lists and invoices if you need them.

Select the orders then click Print Pick Lists and Print Invoices. If you have DirectPrint set up then they will be sent directly to the assigned printer. Otherwise you will have to print the PDF.

The PI (Print Invoices) and PL (Print Pick List) boxes in the order list will turn green when these have been printed so you don't double up.

Editing pick list templates 

You can create a template for your invoices and picklists to customise the layout.

Each Store can have it's own pick list template - go to Settings ⇒ Stores, then edit your store config to choose a preferred layout.

Multiple pick list items per page

To change how many pick list items are printed per page, go to Orders per Pick List in Settings ⇒  Account Operations & Defaults.

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