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Create a custom invoice or pick list
Create a custom invoice or pick list

Personalise your invoices and pick lists

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Invoices and pick lists can be customised by creating a template. You need some knowledge of HTML if you want to make major changes, 

Creating a custom invoice

You can create and modify templates on the Settings ⇒ Templates page. Some standard templates are provided. 

You can customise the standard templates by creating a new template and copying and pasting the text from another:

  • Click on the template you would like to copy.

  • Copy the text from the Main Template: area.

  • Click New Template.

  • Give the template a title so you can recognise it as your customised invoice.

  • Paste the copied text into the Main Template: area of the new template.

  • Click Save & Preview to see the changes.

Do the same for the Line Items: area if you need to.

Editing the template

Templates are written in HTML, and use "variables" to determine where the details of the invoice are placed.

A variable is a word surrounded by double curly brackets, eg. {{BillingName}} Variables are replaced with the corresponding information when the invoice is generated.

They are defined at three levels depending on their location in the invoice:

  • Account Specific Variables relate to your ReadyToShip account and are usually defined within your account settings. This is information such as your ABN, your Company Name or your Billing Address.

  • Invoice Specific Variables relate to the invoice being printed as a whole. This is information such as Customer Name, Shipping Address or the total cost of the order.

  • Item Specific Variables. These are specific to an item within the invoice and will only work within the Line Items field. This is information such as the title, weight or price of the item.

Click the Show Template Variables button for a full list of variables. Clicking a variable within the list will insert it at the cursor position in your invoice template.

Line Items

There may be many items in an invoice so the HTML for each line item is defined separately and then duplicated for each item. This fragment of HTML is defined in the Line Items field of the template editor.

The point at which all the line items are inserted into the invoice is defined by the {{LineItemsTemplate}} variable.

Images in Pick Lists

If your store supports it you can have pictures of your products included in your pick lists. This can help reduce picking errors.

Include an {{ImageURL}} variable in each line item of the pick list where you want the picture to appear.


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