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Create a CSV file in a spreadsheet to upload your orders
Create a CSV file in a spreadsheet to upload your orders

"I don't have a store, I just want to upload a file of orders..."

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We usually pull in orders directly from your online store but sometimes you just want to upload some orders in a file either because:

  • You are using a store that is not supported.

  • You want to import orders from another source.

You can create a file of orders and items in any spreadsheet, save it in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format and send it to ReadyToShip.

Create a "store" for importing CSV files

Go to Settings ⇒ Stores ⇒ Add Store and choose CSV File.  Give the store a name and save it.

Go to Settings ⇒ Stores ⇒ (the store you created)  ⇒ Settings and set up any invoice formats, return addresses and so on for this store.

Create a CSV file to upload

Right click here and "Save Link As..." to download a template that shows you how to lay out the orders and items in the CSV file. The first two lines explain the field types, the next few lines show some sample data.

There is a line starting with "ORDER "  for each order, and one starting with "ITEM" for each item in the order like this:

ITEM ...
ITEM ...
ITEM ...

The orderStatus  column must have the value Paid to be recognised as an order that is ready to be shipped. Other values can be Unpaid   (Not ready to ship) or Completed  (Already shipped - ignore).

If you are creating it in a spreadsheet, save the orders and specify "CSV" as the format of the file that is saved. Don't save is as XLS or any other format or the import will fail.

Import the CSV file

Go to ReadyToShip and click on the Import Orders menu.

Click Choose File and select the CSV file you saved. Click Resubmit.

The orders will appear in the Unshipped Orders tab just as though they had been imported from a live store. You can now process these just like any other order.

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