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How do I find a missing order?
How do I find a missing order?

Some clues for tracking down orders that have gone astray.

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Wait a minute...

Orders are not imported from your store instantly, so sometimes you just need to wait a moment. Refresh your browser after a few minutes and see if the new orders have appeared.

Use the Search menu

The Search at the top of the screen will usually find your order if it has been retrieved from your store. Expand it and view the System Notes to see what is happening.
For example a status of Inactive means the order won't be visible because we don't think it is "ready to ship".

Is the order "ready to ship"?

Check your Webstore/Marketplace account and make sure the order has been marked as paid (invoiced) and awaiting fulfilment. Orders won't show up in ReadyToShip until both conditions are met.ย 

Is your store still connected?

Go to Settings โ‡’ Stores, and click Import Status.

A red error box indicates there is a problem with the connection, for example you might need to re-authenticate your store.

Have you cancelled or partially refunded the order in your store? Have you partially or completely fulfilled the order?

If so, it may disappear from ReadyToShip automatically or, if it is in a shipping tab it may turn red.

If you are still unsure why an order isn't appearing, please contact us via live chat or email.

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