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How to process "Pick Up" orders using ReadytoShip
How to process "Pick Up" orders using ReadytoShip

Getting to know your options for handling click and collect orders.

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Many sellers offer customers a “Click and Collect” or “Local Pickup” option at checkout. There are several ways you can handle these orders using ReadyToShip.

  1. Create a “Local Pickup” carrier in ReadytoShip. This makes it easier to manage your pickups, enabling you to use ReadytoShip to complete the pick and pack processes (if required) and to change the order to a carrier if the customer changes their mind and wants their order shipped.

  2. Manually mark the orders off as fulfilled in your eCommerce store. This will remove the order from ReadytoShip.

  3. Delete or Archive the order in ReadytoShip, adding a note for the reason for future reference. You can find instructions on how to do that in this article.

To use Option 1, go to Settings Carriers.

Click “Add Carrier” to add a new Label Printers carrier, then go to Settings Carrier Mapping to assign your pickup shipping methods to the new carrier.

Remember, you can only map carriers once an order for that new carrier has been placed. You can find instructions on Carrier Mapping here.

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