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How to do Carrier Mapping (for Carrier Not Assigned orders)?
How to do Carrier Mapping (for Carrier Not Assigned orders)?

Carrier mapping and how it works

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Your online store will offer customers different shipping priorities. These will usually have a name like Overnight Courier or Standard Delivery.

Carrier Mapping translates, or “maps”, the shipping service from your online store to a real carrier service (eg, eParcel Express Post).

Here’s a quick introduction:

Choosing a carrier manually

When you first connect to a store, ReadyToShip will check for any orders waiting to be shipped and will import them.

You have told your customer the order will ship by, say, Overnight Courier. Now tell ReadyToShip which carrier you use for that type of shipment.

You can change the carrier for orders individually by clicking on the shipping box icon on the order detail page (see above), or be selecting orders in the No Carrier Available tab (see below).

After orders have a Carrier service assigned they can be shipped.

Assigning a carrier automatically when orders are imported

Your store will give a name to each shipping method. You just need to tell us which carrier you want to "map" to which shipping method.

Go to Settings ⇒ Carrier Mapping:

You can create new mappings for each of your stores or edit mappings that you have already created.

Now that shipping services in your store have been mapped to a corresponding carrier ReadyToShip can automatically assign incoming orders to the preferred carrier for that service.

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