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How to delete, cancel, or archive orders from ReadyToShip
How to delete, cancel, or archive orders from ReadyToShip

Sometimes you need to delete or clear orders from ReadytoShip and this article explains how.

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Sometimes you may need to manually mark an order as shipped, cancelled or modified in your eCommerce store.  

If you don't want to ship it using ReadyToShip, you can remove orders that turn red (click here to see how), or delete the order from ReadyToShip - see further instructions below.

How to delete/archive a single order

To delete an order from ReadyToShip permanently, expand the order then click the red cancel icon to the left of the order number.

This will remove the order from ReadyToShip. If the order is activated again in your store it will not reappear in ReadyToShip.

How to delete/archive orders in bulk

We currently don't have a function to bulk remove orders.

If however your orders are 'red' because they are in a conflict state (eg, you have orders in a shipping tab, but manually fufilled them outside of ReadyToship) you can remove them in bulk using these instructions:

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