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Linking ReadyToShip to your Amazon Australia store.

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You can connect multiple accounts and ReadyToShip will import paid orders from Amazon Australia, generate shipping labels and send tracking data back to Amazon.

Currently we support Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) only. We do not support Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) at this stage, but we will be adding this feature soon.

1. Start the Store Connection

IMPORTANT : Please ensure you are signed in to your Amazon Seller Central account before starting this process.

In your ReadytoShip account go to Settings > Stores > Add Store and choose Amazon

2. Link the Store

On the next page, click the green button 'Connect Store Account'. This will take you to your Amazon Seller Central account, to authorise the app install.

3. Approve the ReadytoShip App

Approve the app by selecting the checkbox and clicking Continue.

You will be shown a connection approval page in your Amazon account. If you have multiple Amazon stores, please ensure to chose the correct store in the header as shown:

Then continue:

These permissions are enough for ReadyToShip to import your order and address data to help prepare shipments. Note that all identifiable information is encrypted in our systems and all Amazon Personally Identifiable Information is discarded after 30 days.

4. Complete Store details in ReadytoShip

Give this connection a name and a valid return address.

Fill out the form, and click Save Amazon Store.

Click Continue to proceed.

5. You are done!

This will start an import process of the last seven days of orders awaiting fulfilment.

If you would like to import orders older than seven days, please submit a request via the Live Chat in your ReadyToShip console.

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