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Quick setup

Set up a store and carrier and your orders will start to flow into ReadyToShip.

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These few steps will get you up and running to the point where you can ship some orders. 

Register with ReadyToShip

The process starts with the free account registration. Fill out the form and click 'Register'.

Connect to your store

Select your store and fill in the required fields:

Follow the prompts and we will import your recent orders. There are detailed descriptions in this guide for each store setup if you get stuck.

Note: By default, when you first connect to your store, only the last 7 days of orders are imported, if you have older unfulfilled orders, send us a chat message and we can run a longer import for you.

Add a carrier

Adding a carrier is similar. Select a carrier and fill in the required details:

There are detailed articles in this guide for each carrier setup if you get stuck.

Carrier not assigned

A few minutes after you connect, your orders will start importing and you will see them in the Carrier Not Assigned tab of your dashboard.

The final setup process is Carrier Mapping. Carrier Mapping translates, or “maps”, the shipping service from your online store to a real carrier service (eg, eParcel Express Post).

Note: If you do not have any orders imported, you will not see any carriers to be mapped. You'll need to wait until you have orders to view the options.

Update your carrier mapping by going to Settings ⇒ Carrier Mapping

Once Carrier Mapping is complete and shipping services in your store have been mapped to a corresponding carrier, ReadyToShip can automatically assign incoming orders to the preferred carrier for that service. Your orders can be viewed in the Unshipped Orders tab of your dashboard. You can now ship some orders using the carrier you set up.

Setup is complete.

The setup is complete and you are now ReadyToShip.

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