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Connecting to Maropost Commerce Cloud (formerly Neto)
Connecting to Maropost Commerce Cloud (formerly Neto)

Link ReadyToShip to your Neto store so that orders can be retrieved.

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Neto Setup

Log in to your Maropost dashboard, open the Setup & Tools menu, and click All settings & tools.

Click on API Settings (this can be found by typing ‘api’ into the search field).

If there is no API key in the field, click Regenerate to create one, and click Save Changes.

Setting up ReadyToShip

From the Settings ⇒ Stores menu in ReadyToShip (or during the signup process), choose Neto from the Add Stores menu.

Enter the base URL for your Maropost store (eg., and the API Key from your Neto store settings, then click Test Connection. You will see a confirmation screen.

If you receive an error, please correct the information you provided. For example, double check that your Maropost key matches the API Key you created above.

If the connection is successful you will be asked to give the store a name.

You also need to tell us which order status should should NOT import into ReadyToShip. Click the field and you will see a list of statuses that you can exclude.

You need to fill out a valid Return Addressmost carriers won’t work properly without one.

After clicking Save Neto Store orders will start importing right away. This step can take several minutes to complete depending on how many orders are in your store. By default, orders from the last seven days will be imported. If you need older orders please contact us and we will import them for you.

You have now finished connecting your Maropost account.

You may also have to complete the Carrier Mapping step. For more information, see our guide on Carrier Mapping.

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