Sometimes you need to postpone the processing of an order if, say, you discover an item is temporarily out of stock.
This feature can also be used to handle backordered items, allowing you the ability to park an order for later shipping.

Deferring an orderĀ 

You can defer an order by:

  • Opening the orderĀ 

  • Clicking on the calendar icon and choosing the date you would like the order to reappear:

The order will be moved to a separate tab called Deferred. Refresh your page if the new tab doesn't appear.

When the deferral is finished

When the deferral expires it will appear in a new tab called Deferral Expired and you can either assign it to a shipping run if you are ready to ship it, or defer it again.

To ship the order just select it by clicking the checkbox in the left column and then click the Acknowledge button.

Cancelling the deferral

If you decide you want to ship the order earlier you can cancel the deferral by:

  • Clicking on the Deferred tab to see the list of Deferred orders

  • Expanding the order you wish to ship (click the blue arrow)

  • At the bottom of the User Summary section click the Cancel icon as shown below

The order will then be moved back to the Unshipped Orders tab.

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