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How to fix red highlighted orders
How to fix red highlighted orders

Why orders are highlighted in red, and how to fix this

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ReadyToShip monitors the status of orders in your store and imports them when they are paid for, but unshipped.

If the order status changes after we import it, we will highlight the order in red and ask you to take some action. This avoids orders being shipped by mistake.

Common reasons for orders turning red are:

  • You refunded or partly refunded an order in your store.

  • You marked an order as shipped or fulfilled outside of ReadyToShip.

  • You cancelled an order in your store.

You can either:

  1. Ignore the warning and continue to ship.

  2. Remove the order (and schedule our system to try and reimport it).

To view the status, expand the order and view the Notes area. Click on System Notes to see the reason.

How do I fix this?

Expand the order, and click either Ignore to ignore the warning and continue process it, or Discard and Refetch to remove the order.

Can you remove red orders in bulk?


Go to Settings β‡’ Account Operations and Defaults β‡’ Operations and click Refetch Conflicted Orders.

This should clear them all.

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