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Why are orders not coming in from my store?
Why are orders not coming in from my store?

Some tips if your orders aren't importing from your store to ReadyToShip

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New accounts

If you are just starting with us and the orders have not started flowing in:

  • Wait a few minutes. We scan for orders every few minutes so we may not have checked for new orders yet.

  • If you just set up your account we will check for orders up to seven days old. If there are older orders you will have to ask us to do a one-off retrieval of older orders. Just ask our support team.

Check when we last looked at your store

You can check when we last pulled in orders by going to Settings ⇒ Stores, clicking on the gear icon and choosing Import Status. 

Are any orders shippable?

Make sure there are actually orders waiting that are "ready to ship". We will only pull in orders that are paid and invoiced but not shipped; if none of your orders are like this we will simply ignore them.

Orders have stopped coming in

If orders were coming in before and they stopped, there is most likely to be a problem authenticating with your store. 

See the article on authentication errors.

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